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Work Experience Program helps William find permanent employment and a new start.

Adult/Dislocated Worker Program Coordinator Leigh Caldwell-Dunning reports on her customer. “When I first met with William in February 2019, he had a 6-month gap in his work history, and had been fired from his first job. He was basic skills deficient and had a vision-related disability. In addition, William had little training and lacked the soft skills needed to succeed in a job,” Leigh explains.

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WIOA assistance helps Lisa find permanent employment.

Career Specialist Diane Payne reports on her customer. “In October 2018, Lisa came to Man-Tra-Con seeking job search assistance. Unemployed for 3 years, she had been receiving SNAP benefits and was given a medical card from the Department of Human Services,” Diane explains.

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WIOA training assistance helps Bethany find a new career as an Registered Nurse.

Michelle Sanchez reports on her customer. “Bethany came to Man-Tra-Con seeking assistance in July 2017. She was determined eligible as a dislocated worker unlikely to return and had recently been discharged from her position in Jefferson County. Although she had held previous jobs in retail and customer service, Bethany realized that she did not have the work history or education to earn 100% of her dislocation wage,” Michelle explains.

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Jera finds new career as a Registered Nurse with WIOA training assistance.

Career Specialist Michelle Sanchez reports on her customer. “Jera was a single parent of a young child with special needs when she came to Man-Tra-Con for training assistance. She was determined eligible for WIOA services as a dislocated worker unlikely to return. When I first met with Jera in May 2018, she had been unemployed for over a year.

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