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Work Experience Program helps David get training and experience while pursuing his IT career.

Career Specialist Jorrell Bonner reports on his customer, “David and his family recently moved from Canada to Ashley, Illinois, to run a farm. Since he was homeschooled in another country, his education was not recognized by the United States. David still needed a high school diploma, and was able to start and complete his GED online through Rend Lake College at no cost. He even received financial incentives from Man-Tra-Con every time he went to class or passed an exam,” Jorrell explains.

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WIOA training assistance helps Aubree transition from high school “drop out” to Certified Nursing Assistant!

Career Specialist Jo Dene Kern reports on her customer. “Aubree came to Man-Tra-Con for assistance in August 2020. After dropping out of high school, she had been working full-time as a waitress for a pizza restaurant. She had also been working as a volunteer for the GED Literacy Program at JALC, tutoring students. Aubree was enrolled in the GED program at John A. Logan College (JALC), but needed assistance with reaching her dream career goal—employment in healthcare,” Jo Dene explains.

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Truck Driver Training helps Johnnie get his dream job at Coca-Cola.

​Career Specialist Shaun Drue reports on her customer. “When I first met with Johnnie in January 2021, he had been “laid off” from M-Class Mining, LLC, for more than a year. Johnnie had been working on a plan to support himself and his daughter, but was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, which slowed his progress. He came to Man-Tra-Con seeking truck driver training assistance, with a goal to eventually work for Coca Cola Bottling Company,” Shaun explains.

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WIOA funded training helps Caroline find a great job at Good Samaritan in Mt Vernon.

Career Specialist Amy Blocker reports on her customer. “In November 2018, Caroline came to us as a single mother of 2 children. She did not have the skills to obtain a self-sufficient job, she needed training to obtain full-time employment. Caroline was WIOA eligible for training assistance to attend the Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography Certification Program at John A. Logan College (JALC). WIOA funds helped Caroline pay for tuition, books, supplies, child care costs, plus provided reimbursement for her mileage, traveling to and from classes,” Amy explains. 

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CNA moves up to Registered Nurse with WIOA training assistance.

Career Specialist Michelle Sanchez reports on her customer. “When Lindsey and I met in August 2017, she was had been working for Marshall Browning Hospital as a Certified Nurse Assistant (C.N.A) for nearly a year. She loved her job and her employer, but was unable to support herself at her hourly wage.

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Work Experience Program helps William find permanent employment and a new start.

Adult/Dislocated Worker Program Coordinator Leigh Caldwell-Dunning reports on her customer. “When I first met with William in February 2019, he had a 6-month gap in his work history, and had been fired from his first job. He was basic skills deficient and had a vision-related disability. In addition, William had little training and lacked the soft skills needed to succeed in a job,” Leigh explains.

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