With WIOA training assistance, Toriaun finds a new career path in technology.

Career Specialist Reba Utley reports on her customer. “In May 2018, Toriaun lost his job from Thomas Service, Inc., in DuQuoin, Illinois. Losing a job can happen to the best of us and Toriaun experienced this first hand. Instead of sulking, he took action and came to Man-Tra-Con for job search assistance and training,” Reba explains.

Work Experience Program helps David, an ex-marine, find a permanent, full-time job.

Adult/Dislocated Worker Program Coordinator Leigh Dunning reports on her customer. “David had served in the Marines, earned two bachelor’s degrees following his military service, and worked in management at a local call center for several years. When the call center closed, he decided to stay home to care for a family member. In June 2018, after a six-year gap in employment, he was ready to re-enter the workforce,” Leigh explains.

Mother of 4 returns to school to become Registered Nurse

Career Specialist Michelle Sanchez reports on her customer, “Abigail was working as a server at a restaurant when she decided to pursue a career in healthcare after conducting her own research. She and her husband did not earn enough together to support their family of four. Abigail was approved for training assistance through Man-Tra-Con for the fall 2015 semester.”

Mother of six, Amanda finds a job that allows her to earn a good wage plus care for her family.

Career Specialist Sherry DeAngelo reports on her customer. “Amanda, single mother of six children, began working with Man-Tra-Con in June 2018. She was receiving SNAP benefits and did not have a reliable support system in place to encourage her and help with childcare. Amanda was eager to find work, but had gaps in her employment and needed more job skills to secure a job at a self-sufficient wage,” Sherry explains.